Textile work shop kept alive with solidarity

  • 13:36 16 September 2021
  • News
Gülistan Azak
DERSİM - The poor economic management of the AKP-MHP continues to increase women’s poverty. Duygu Dinler, whose textile work shop, which she opened with 13 women in Ovacık district of Dersim to create employment opportunities for women, came to the stage of closing due to economic reasons, is keeping the work shop alive with women’s solidarity.
When the bad economic management of the AKP-MHP government combined with the coronavirus epidemic, the shopkeepers took down the shutters. While 99588 tradespeople took down the shutters in 2020, this number exceeded 29037 in the first quarter of 2021. Women are the most affected by the situation. Researches show that women suffer more employment losses and become more impoverished than men during the pandemic process.
While trying to keep women tradespeople businesses alive in Ovacık district of Dersim, as in many provinces and districts, she points out that the support given after the new measures taken within the scope of pandemic measures is insufficient, and states that they had to lay off workers.
One of these tradespeople, Duygu Dinler, says that she opened a textile work shop in the district a year ago and provided employment to 13 women. Duygu states that some of her employees had to leave due to economic reasons. Duygu works alone in order not to lock the work shop.
‘We did not get any support’
Duygu Dinler expressed the difficulties she experienced after the pandemic with these words: ‘’I am alone at the moment in my textile business, which I opened with 13 women at the beginning of the pandemic. I also opened this business to create employment for women. However, due to the difficulties we experienced during the pandemic process, women had to leave their jobs. I had to lay off some of them. Then I had to close the business for two months. I opened it back because I had to work. Right now, I am doing the work alone that many employees do. We did not receive any support from the authorities. A friend of mine has been coming to support me for a month. If she wasn’t there, maybe I would have took down the shutter now. I resist not to take down the shutters.’’
‘Women’s solidarity gives me courage’
Stating that she continues to struggle despite all the difficulties, Duygu said: ‘’Every morning I try to open the door of this business with hope. After my friend's support, my hope increased. We try to cheer up to each other. Despite all the difficulties, we enjoy our work. We are happy to be able to produce. I believe in the power of women's solidarity and it gives me courage. Even if women are left alone and their labor is exploited, they do not give up their struggle. Women are determined. I think that is why I am still working despite the difficulties I am going through today.’’
‘There is no difficulty that a woman cannot overcome if she wants to’
Yasemin Şengezer, who works in her business in solidarity with Duygu, said: ‘’My friend is going through very difficult times. She opened this business to provide employment to women, but was on the verge of closing it. Unfortunately, she did not receive any support during the pandemic process. She was alone in her job, where she set out with 13 women. She tries to do the work alone that many employees do. I could not remain indifferent to her condition. I came to support her. I trust her. She will overcome these difficulties. If a woman wants, there is no challenge she cannot overcome.’’